April 24, 2011

Zucchini Aloo Rasdar

300 gms zucchini
350 gms potato
2 tomatoes
1 green chili grated
1 tsp each of ginger and garlic grated
1/8 tsp of chili powder
1/2 tsp pav bhaji powder
1 tsp of salt

Cut the zucchini into big cubes.  Peel and chop the potatoes slightly smaller than the zucchinis.  Grind the tomatoes with some coriander leaves and keep it aside.  Take oil in a pan, splutter the cumin seeds, followed by ginger, green chili and garlic.  Add the zucchini, potatoes, chili powder and turmeric powder.  Stir for a minute or two and add the tomato paste and about 2 cups of water.  Add the pav bhaji powder and salt and let it almost come to a boil.  Transfer this to a vessel and pressure cook this for 2 whistles or on low for 10 minutes or until you get the cooked smell of the vegetables.  After the cooking is over, remove it from the cooker and let it come to a boil again on the stove top.  Garnish with coriander leaves.  You can increase the spice according to your taste.  This can be done directly on the stove as well.

Enjoy this rasdar with some warm rotis!!

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