October 25, 2011

Besan Ladoo

With Diwali around the corner,  preparations must be going on for making some sweets and savories.   My first attempt is the Besan Ladoo.   This is a traditional and a very popular dish in Indian households during Diwali time.  Besan burfi or Mysore Pakku as it is known in the South is what I have tried in the past.  As I wanted to go easy on the ghee I decided to try out the ladoo for the first time.  Not only for that but I have also oflate become hooked on these type of ladoos which I never even used to taste in my childhood days.

I followed a couple of recipes one being Manjulas Kitchen and the other being Tarla Dalal.   I like the former as you get to visually see the making process.  I also refer Vahrehwah.com for sweets and desserts.  I started off following Manjula's recipe without the rawa.  As my flour started cooking, mine was no way near the consistency of hers so switched to Tarla Dalals and just used my discretion in the end.  The result was quite good considering this is my first attempt at these ladoos.  Except, that I am not good at shaping them into good balls.

2 cups of ladoo besan(this is coarse in comparison to regular besan)
2/3 cup of ghee
2 cups of powdered sugar
1/2 tsp elaichi powder
roasted cashews or slivered almonds(optional)

Heat up the ghee to warm and slowly add the gram flour.  Mix everything well and start cooking on medium flame.  Roast till the flour becomes golden brown in color and you also begin to get a nice aroma.  Add the elaichi powder, mix well and transfer to a bowl.  Once the mixture is warm, add the powdered sugar and chopped nuts and mix well.  Shape them into round balls.

For extra garnish,  dip the tip of the balls in ghee and dip in some coarsely chopped almonds or pisachios.

This dish goes out to a few events

Every Tuesday-Bookmarked Recipes event of Priya
Serve it-Festival Potluck event of Krithi and Denny
"Only"-Sweets and Desserts event by Gayathri

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