October 25, 2011

Kai Murukku

Diwali is a time for joy and celebration and it is never complete without sweets and snacks.  Snacks being a favorite in my household, I usually end up preparing more snacks than sweets.  Kai Murukku is a very popular South Indian snack and is also well enjoyed by all of us at home.   Not many people prepare this at home as making them as it is a time consuming effort which requires patience and practice.

2 cups Rice Flour
2 tsp Urad Flour
2 to 2.5 tbsp butter brought to room temperature
1 to 1.25 tsp salt
2 tsp cumin seeds
2 tsp sesame seeds
two pinches of hing powder

Begin my making the urad dal flour. Roast some split urad dal on medium heat till it becomes light reddish brown in color.  Cool this down and ground to a fine powder.  Seive out the coarse parts.  Any extra can always be used the next time or added in kootu.  If using store bought flour,  roast the flour till it slight changes color.  Combine both the flours well.  Add the butter and mix the flour well till the butter is all incorporated thoroughly.  Do not compromise on this step as it is very important.  If this is not even, the murukku will not be uniformly crispy.   Add the seeds to the flour.

Take about  a cup of water and dissolve the salt and the hing in it.  Add this water little at a time and more(which will be needed) to form a soft dough.  Now you are ready to make some murukkus.

Take some oil in a small plate.  Grease your palms with little oil.  Pinch off a small lemon sized ball from the dough.  Roll it nicely between your palms.  Dip the tips of your fingers in the oil and roll out the tip between your fingers.  Keep a paper towel on a flat surface.  Hold down the tip with your left forefinger and start rotating and moving around the dough in circles.  For a beginner, this comes only with practice.  It is also important that the dough is soft. Otherwise,  it is going to break up while making them.  

Make about 10 to 12 before starting to heat up the oil.  Once the oil is hot enough, slowly remove the murukkus from the paper towel and slide into the oil.  Fry few pieces at a time.  The murukkus are done once the oil stops sizzling and the bubbles are gone.

Remove the cooked murukkus and place them on a tissue paper to drain out the excess oil.
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  1. They look super crispy, Happy Diwali!

  2. Am yet to give trial to these incredible murukkus..