March 15, 2013

Date and Nut Rolls

How about a tasty treat which is relatively guilt free compared to the ones which need lot of  fat and sugar?  This is my second attempt at this,  having made it earlier for my daughter's girl scout event....

Dates 30 nos
Milk about 1/2 cup
a couple of generous pinches of cardamom powder
sugar abt 2 tblsps
ghee(not melted) in semi solid state 5 tsp
sliced almonds 1/4 cup toasted
pista coarsely ground for garnish
almond slices for garnish

Cook the dates and milk in the pressure cooker.   Once it cools off, remove and grind into a paste.
To begin with add a spoon of ghee into the pan and start cooking the paste.  After few minutes of stirring, add the sugar and some  more ghee. Slowly the mixture will begin to change color and also thicken a bit.  At this stage, you can add the coarsely ground roasted almonds and also the cardamom powder.   The mixture is done, once it comes together like a ball and is not sticky to the touch.  It should also look a bit shiny because of all the ghee that has gone into it.  I really did not keep track of the amount of ghee I added but about 5-6 spoons.  I kept adding one spoon at a time and decided to stop it once I thought it was enough.  Little more than what is given above will only make it more tasty.
After the mixture cools down,  roll it into balls using some ghee if needed.  Flatten them and press the balls into groun pista and garnish with almond slices.

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